Being Deceived or being attacked

In reading Revelation 12--in the midst of the story/vision of John two interesting things are noted about the devil.

Before we see those two things let us note--the devil is real.  He is not a figment of one's imagination.  His domain is on earth.  Now the two things:

First, the devil is a deceiver.  He is roaming the world on a mission--to deceive!  Satan, that is the devil's goal is to cause people to go astray from a specific way--to mislead them.  John tells us Jesus is the way (see John 14:6).  The devil's goal is to get people off the ‘Jesus way’—the Jesus path.  He is a master deceiver and he does in this many ways.  He deceives people through

  • religion
  • morality
  • good works

Yikes!  Read that group again!   This is the self-righteous deception that Satan uses.
He also uses:

  • evil
  • sickness
  • immorality
  • hatred
  • etc
This is the other end of the spectrum.

Second, the devil is a fighter.  He is roaming the earth and has declared war on those who choose to ignore his deceptions and follow Jesus.  If you choose NOT to be deceived and follow the ‘Jesus way’ you are in for a fight!   Satan has declared war on you:

  • on your well-being
  • on your family
  • on your body
  • on your emotions
  • on your finances
If you choose to surrender to the ‘Jesus' way’—Satan is your arch enemy and has declared war on you.

Now, perhaps Satan's largest deception is this--many would read this and scoff--I don't believe that stuff.  


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