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God's Unsurpassable Love

(adapted form Gregory Boyd's Repenting of Religion) 1.  God has 'unsurpassable love'--there is NO greater love known in the universe 2.  God ascribes 'unsurpassable love' to people  People are the objects of God's love--not things, ideas, organizations, positions--God loves PEOPLE! 3.  God ascribes 'unsurpassable love' to people because God ascribes 'unsurpassable worth' and value to people.  People matter to God.  People are valuable to God Definitions: Unsurpassable:  not able to be exceeded in quality or degree (Oxford Dictionary) Love:  Agape love--based on choice and decision not emotion or feeling.  Agape is a self-sacrificing kind of love. People:  Good ones, bad ones, mean ones, nice ones, murderers, adulterers, Sunday school teachers... EVERYONE God's 'unsurpassable love' is demonstrated in the person and ministry of Jesus.  "Here is love, not that