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Receive the Word of God

Whenever the Word of God is read, seen, or heard in any manner---we have all four possibilities of responding to that "Word." This has NOTHING to do with the "Word" itself.  The issue lies in the condition of our hearts.  Jesus' parable in Mark 4 talks about four heart conditions.  We--in western culture--critique the preachers and presenters of the Word that we hear.  We make the mistake of thinking "Oh, that person is really anointed---I got a lot out that sermon---etc."  When Jesus tells us that the issue is NOT related to the speaker of the WORD but the condition of the heart of the one who listens!  Yikes! Every time we read the Word--our heart ---has the possibilities--of being in one of these four conditions If you are not a follower of Jesus--not one of His disciples--every time you are expose to the Word of God--these four possibilities exist Mark 4:14-20 “The farmer sows the word. Some people are like seed along the path, where th