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From Sin to Wholeness

From Sin to Wholeness Simon Chan in his book Spiritual Theology  A Systematic Study of the Christian Life , helps us realize that the Christian life is not based solely on one historical event in our lives.  If I may, I will use myself as a illustration.  On a Monday morning in October 1963, my mom ‘led me to the Lord,’ after a rather heavy morning of conviction.  I was six years old at the time.  On the Sunday evening Pastor Cook had asked if anyone wanted to ‘be saved.’  Once the ‘altar call’ was given, my brother—having raised his hand to ‘accept Jesus’—walked up to the altar.  After John left—my little heart was moved upon by the Spirit and I too wanted to respond.  As I was only six years old I knew I needed to ask permission from mom.  “Mom—I want to go too!”  Mom decided peer pressure had grabbed my little heart, and not the Holy Spirit so she responded: “Not now, you want to go only because John has gone.”  I complied and sat alone.  However, the Spirit was not done with

Where am I running to?

I'll be honest--I am not a runner.  Never have been.  Have no ambition of being one.  I like hiking, walking, biking--but not running. However, I am now convinced that I am actually a runner--but didn't know it. I am either: Running INTO the open arms of Christ...or Running AWAY from the open arms of Christ ...and that running is happening continually, every day, every moment. So I am running.  I fear that too often I run FROM God instead of TO God. I run from God by being important, busy, fixing, sorting, looking after stuff, looking after people, looking after me, etc. Instead of just running into the open arms of Christ--and then doing ONLY those things He tells me to do. ___________________ I hear God saying to me: How you want Me How you desire Me But I want you more than you want Me I desire you more than you desire Me _____________________ So here is my motivation... God wants me...I choose to run to him. Lord take that kn