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Does God need a watch?

Sometimes I wish that God was more like me.  Now, don't click me off--stay with me.  I wish He was more punctual.  I wish He paid more attention to time...calendars...more specifically MY calendar and MY appointments. I just read this morning, "Divine timing is involved in every facet of your life." (Caroline Myss)  This is what got me thinking about this again--Divine timing. I have noted a few Biblical truths that bug me-- 1000 years are like a day and a day is like a 1000 years for God.  So I translate that like this:  When I am in a hurry God isn't---when God is in a hurry, I'm not.   God always takes His time in making a 'person.'  Joseph is 17 years old when he receives his vision and purpose in life.  At the age of 38 or so the vision becomes true.  Moses is useless until he is 80 years old.  Jesus spends 30 years banging and cutting wood before the Father releases Him into a short three year itinerate ministry.  So I tran