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Which Road will you travel?

Four Roads:  You Chose I have been quite drawn lately to the idea of pilgrimage or journey.  So I like using the terminology of spiritual journey.  I often ask people how are they doing, or where are they on their journey. As on a journey—of any description— there are road choices to make.  In your spiritual journey there are four roads to be mindful of.  Road choice # 1:  God’s best This road is not necessarily smooth and easy, and may be even challenging—but nevertheless it is progressive. This is the best road and it is going somewhere.  There is forward movement.  You are heading somewhere.  You are going places.  You are not side-tracked.  You are not lost.  The end result is fabulous!  It is incredibly rewarding.  It will make you breathless for a long period of time.  You will be awarded treasures!  If you travel on your journey on God’s agenda, listening and responding to God, you will progress according to God’s divine help and direction. Road Choice #