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Is this still guaranteed?

I had a phone call the other night that reminded me of--what I judged--as being a poor decision.  I bought a travel trailer a few years ago--it was used--but in great shape.  Once I got it situated up on my camp ground--and started using it--about four small aggravating things started happening.  I went back to the dealership that I bought it from asking for assistance.  Their response: "Ah, the guarantee is only for 60 days."  I explained, that I did not have opportunity to use it--they shrugged me off--and I left. Now, back to the call.  "Hello Mr. Cusick.  You bought a travel trailer four years ago--and we are giving you a call to see if you would like to up-grade." My answer.  "Oh, that particular trailer burned.  I replaced it--but not from your dealership--because I was not satisfied with your service." His response:  "Okay, no problem-- I will remove you from our data base.  Good-bye."  Click.  I laughed!  Hilarious.  Not even a litt

Warning! Don't keep rejecting the Truth!

I have done some work on Romans 1 before in this blog.  However in this blog, I want to warn anyone reading--is there a time limit?  Romans 1 says: "God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired (Romans 1:25 NLT)."  Can you reject the truth long enough that the offer of truth is withdrawn?  Perhaps? The story of the Bible is clearly a story of God pursuing humanity.  In that pursuit of humanity, it is plain to observe that God has given every one the capability of hearing and accepting the truth. The question is simply this:  "Will you accept God's truth?" Once you accept the truth--the key thing that happens is your ability to accept more and more truth. Truth breeds truth.  The more you know--the more you get to know.  The more you open yourself up for truth--the more truth will be revealed to you. Now, Romans teaches the opposite as well. If you refuse to accept truth--sooner or later--truth will s