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Spirituality and Sailing

  Spirituality and Sailing If you are not a sailor—too bad.  No really, if you are not a sailor let me tell you a few things that you need to know. # 1.  Sailing requires wind.  Yep hard to believe but it’s true.  No wind—no sailing. # 2.  Even when you have wind, there is still the possibility of the boat not moving or moving in the wrong direction. # 3.  Being a sailor requires some elementary concepts of how to ‘catch the wind’ and adjust the sail(s) and rudder to get the boat moving. A sailor needs to understand how to adjust the boat’s riggings to move the boat in the required direction.  This is not particularly rocket science, but it does require some knowledge and some practice.  It is best to learn sailing from a sailor.  It is best to crew a boat for a friend (read do what you are told by the captain) than to solo sail.  Be prepared to get wet and fail.  Anyone learning to sail will probably dump the boat over—a number of times—depending on which particular boat you a

Life! Common or Spiritual?

  Ps 42:8. But each day the LORD pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life. Common life.  Everyone breathing benefits from the breath of life and the ability to be alive. God gives life—whether that life is acknowledged or not. Spiritual life.  Ah this is different.  It is the Spirit that gives life!  Here this is special life or special grace.  It is an opening of one’s understanding through divine grace and revelation of the need of spiritual life infused with forgiveness, grace, and freedom.  Unsaved person do not know they are dead in their trespasses and sins.  They are breathing God’s air.  They are the recipients of common life/ common grace—but they are dead—as dead as dead can be.  They think they are alive but they are totally deceived and they are trying to live their common life with as much life as they can muster up.  Now only spiritually alive persons can proceed to the next dimension of life. Dai

COVID 19-- The Pandemic

  COVID 19 The Pandemic —a disease prevalent over a whole country or the world. What is this pandemic doing to our world? People are panicking.  They don’t know what to do! People are angry.  They want answers!  They want help. Some people are scoffing—saying it is all a conspiracy. Some don’t cooperate. Some cooperate. Some are making lots of money. Some are making no money. Some businesses are booming. Some businesses are closing. Some believe this is a purposeful move by the government to take over our rights. Some believe the government is doing the best they can, but they too are confused. Some say, the solution is the mask. Some say the real answer is in the vaccination. Some say the vaccination is another ploy by ‘someone’ to control the masses.  So, there is no way they are getting vaccinated. It’s confusing. But notice what is NOT happening! There is no call to repentance! There is no call to just seeking God, calling for mercy, and turning fr

On Meeting Mr Bear

  This week I experienced something very profound and powerful. I experienced seeing two individuals who were total opposites.  Let me tell you briefly about them.      First person.   Well this person was large in stature and large in attitude.   He was aggressive and emitted a “I’m ticked with life in general—and you are lucky I am going to serve you.”   I found him intimidating, large like I already said, and incredibly unhappy.   He seem like a born bully.   I did my best to be polite, kind, and share a little humour—but nope—that wasn’t going to work with Mr Bear,   After I made my purchase (can you believe less that $5.00—that further ticked him off!) , he placed my few items which I purchased on the counter with a little bag beside.   I offered to put the items into the bag as he wrote the receipt.   His response? “Well, Walmart doesn’t put your sh*t into your bag and you can be sure I won’t either!”   I went out to my van thinking—“Wow, I wonder what that guy is like at ho