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It is so easy to rend your garments in our culture!

A.   Here are a few rather easy steps that will make you 'LOOK'  spiritual Raise your hands in worship Drop in your offering Have your own tithing envelope number Join the membership role Fill a needed serving vancancy:  usher, deacon, Sunday School teacher Show up when the doors are open Cooperate Carry a Bible Or have a really good Bible app Sing Show some kind of response If you are young and energetic:  jump, dance, shout during worship Respond to an altar Shake hands Hug  people:  if you are a 'hugger' Laugh appropriately Know the new songs   Listen to worship music in your car Know 'some' hymns Speak in tongues so that others hear you But all of that can be done from a totally empty heart All of that has the potential of outward 'show' Joel tells us  "Don't tear your clothing in grief, but tear your hearts instead" (Joel  2:13 ) B.  Here are some signs of spirituality that won't receive a passing nod from church/ religious people-

The Gospel--has it really set me free?

Justin Buzzard wrote recently, “The gospel doesn’t just free you from what other people think about you, it frees you from what you think about yourself." I don't know about you but when I read that--to be totally honest--it made me want to dance.  Which brings up a quick side issue--I don't dance---cause it's just plain ugly.  I'd love to be able to dance. Anyway, as I was saying.  It makes me want to dance.  Not being much of dancer I turn to other things. It makes me want to laugh--long, loudly, effortlessly. It makes me want to jump into Father's arms and let Him hug me. It makes me want to sing. It makes me want to shout--real loud! It makes me want to love Jesus more, serve Him better. It makes me want to give the love Father has poured into my life--away. It makes me want to lay everything at Jesus' feet and run a marathon for Him! The gospel--frees me from what other people think about me.  Now that's good--because I live in the public eye.  I&#