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So, you know do you?

  Do you know the easiest place from which to play a sport?   On your easy chair drinking a soft drink and eating a bag of potato chips.   You sound like you know what you are doing!   You sound like a real professional.   You sound like you’ve played the sport for years, have been inducted into the hockey hall of fame and have the first puck you scored with in your first game as a professional.   But let’s face it, we fans really don’t know a whole lot.   We’ve never been hit with a puck that is flying at you 160 kilometres an hour.   We’ve never swung a bat at a ball traveling at that same speed   We’ve never been body checked by someone 225 pounds skating at you at 32 kilometres an hour!   Let’s face it—we haven’t a clue.   We don’t know the average hockey player works out 2 to 3 hours every day—that’s in the gym prior to getting on the ice!  So, as we sit in our easy chairs cat calling, tossing pop corn, yelling at the team to go back to the minors, perhaps we might stop and a

Pentecostals and Liturgy

  I grew up as a pentecostal, and to be honest with you looked questioningly at groups or churches who had written prayers, followed a prescribed written order in a bulletin, or basically did anything connected to their spirituality that wasn’t free wheeling and spontaneous.   Now, however I’m not so sure!   Research is telling us that only 5 percent of our behaviours are consciously self-directed while 95 percent of our behaviour arises either automatically or reactionary.  “We are creatures of habit.” (Resilient Ministry:  Bob Burns, Tasha D. Chapman and Donald C. Guthrie, IVP Books p 40) So, now I want to ask myself what kind of spiritual habits have I developed that are automatic and simply kick in without notice?   I now think it becomes imperative in our spiritual journeys that we train ourselves, force ourselves, or in some way routine ourselves in spiritual activities. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 (WEB) 24 Don't you know that those who run in a race all run, but one receive

Incremental Revelation

  Jesus is 12 years old and in Jewish culture is about one year away from his Bar Mitzvah—his entrance into adult life. He and his family have gone on their annual pilgrimage to celebrate passover in Jerusalem.  I’m sure you know the story. Mary and Joseph, when it came time to return home, left Jerusalem assuming 12 year old Jesus was with relatives or friend.  After a day of travel Mary and Joseph  thought they’d better find their son and so they started looking for him.  Well, no Jesus.  They travelled back to Jerusalem and three days later found Jesus in the temple discussing theology! The parents were giving Jesus some ‘space’ to mature and grow. When they find Jesus they are delighted but also upset. Mary: “Why are you treating us like this?” Jesus:  “Why are you searching for me… Didn’t you know?” Answer nope!  Mary and Joseph had not yet received the entire revelation of who Jesus was nor did they understand his mission in life. They are receiving bits and pieces of re