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How Hungry are we for God?


God’s ways produce peace. Evil ways produce pain.

Thesis:  If you make Godly holy choices—you will ultimately be safe, joyful, and full of peace and tranquility. If you make non-godly unholy choices—you will ultimately have pain, sorrow, and be full of trouble and unease. God’s ways produce peace.  Evil ways produce pain. God’s ways: 1.  God’s ways are just that—God’s ways: God is in charge…I am not.  He has total right to tell me anything. He is the centre of the universe—He is ‘boss.’  He is right.  I have opinions on many things—but they are secondary to God’s opinions.  Plus, my opinions—are rooted in my lust for independence and probably wrong many times! 2.  God’s ways rule: God is in charge—I am not. He is capable.  I am not.  I am not fine on my own. I need to bow to God and God’s ways.   3.  God’s ways are Holy and Righteous: The source of all goodness, holiness, and righteousness is God.  I choose to bow to Him.  I live in a world that is permeated with independence—so