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The Fatal Error

The vast majority of people who are asked something about eternity, heaven, God—(higher power) have the following kind of response/reasoning. “I’m a good person—and that goodness—gives me favour with ‘god.’”  This goodness is based on comparison. The idea is to look around and find someone more evil.  That other person’s evilness is the base of your personal goodness.  This personal goodness then gives you credibility in the sight of ‘god’ and will give you a free ticket to heaven/eternity. Here is the fatal error in that thinking: 1.  What if goodness is not based on ‘law keeping’?  What I mean is this:  what if being good isn’t so much what you do, but in actuality is what you intrinsically are? 2.  What good are ‘rules’ if being good isn’t about actions?  The Bible tells us the following:  Romans 3:19, 20 “19 Obviously, the law applies to those to whom it was given, for its purpose is to keep people from having excuses and to bring the entire world int

Is there a hell?

Is there a ‘hell’? The Bible and preachers use various terminologies in reference to ‘hell.’ It is a Christ-less eternity. It is an eternal separation—eternal punishment. It is a lake of eternal fire. It is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. It is highly populated. It is a blazing furnace. Hell becomes—in the final analysis of things—a ‘God-less’ place. Hell is the place where God is not.  Hell becomes—for some people—the place they’ve always wanted. It is a place where there is no ‘God.’ It is a place where there is no mention of Jesus Christ as the living, resurrected, saving Lord. Millions of people have not believed in God. Millions of people wish God would just go away and mind His own business. Millions of people have wanted to live their life—‘…my way.” That is hell. Hell has no presence of God.  Hell has no sense of God. Which means the following: Hell is dark—because only God is light. Hell is hatred—become love comes only fro

Self Identification

We are witnessing mass confusion of identities.  Children, youth—all the way up to seniors are struggling with who they are.  Questions abound—perplexity is everywhere. Am I a male? Am I a female? Am I gay? Am I straight? Questions regarding roles: Can a woman ask for a man’s hand in marriage? Should a woman’s father be asked first? Who pays the bills? Who cuts the grass? Who cooks supper? Turmoil abounds—we no longer know who we are—what makes us who we are.  It’s mass bewilderment out there!  People are disorientated sexually, morally, and ethically.  Can Air Canada employees smoke pot after their shift?   When I was a child one of my favourite card games was ‘Who Am I.’  It was a ‘Christian’ card game (whatever THAT means), so all the characters were from the Bible.  There would be clues given and you had to guess who the person was.  Funny—but sad—that question could be asked in grade 1 in our school system or in fourth year university—‘Who are y