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Don't shoot me...I'm just saying...

I've been reading through the Old Testament.  Solomon is one fascinating individual.  Here Solomon is  portrayed as the richest, smartest, most brilliant person ever to live.  When you read his story you are in awe.  This guy is brilliant.  He is passionate about his faith.  He is faithful and just in his dealings.  He is brilliant in his leadership.  He is generous with his  people.   He has success.  He has style.  He has wealth.  He has led Israel in the construction of history's most fantastic temple for worship.  On the day of the dedication of this facility they gave up counting how many sacrifices were made.   The Bible tells us that the glory of God filled the temple--so much so that "the priests could not perform their service (1Kings 8:10-11)."  This is one terrific person.  This is one awesome piece of history for the Jewish nation. Kings, leaders and people around the, 'then known world,' came to see and listen to Solomon.  They would come and be i