This is how the Lord works

This is how the Lord works:

  1. In special circumstances:  Independently of humanity.  Only Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension is a means of substitutionary atonement. 
  2. In usual patterns:  Dependently THROUGH humanity.  The moving ahead of the kingdom of God universally, nationally, provincially, within our county, within our city, within the church of our city, within our congregation, within our families, within our individual lives—-requires our cooperation!
  • God’s usual pattern for evangelism is us speaking and preaching the gospel
  • God’s money comes from our wallets
  • God’s teaching comes from our mouths
  • God’s love comes from our love
  • We pray—God listens.  We pray—God acts.
  • God’s hands are tied if we are loveless, if we don’t serve, if we don’t give money, if we don’t do something, if we don’t pray.
  • In an era where the average Christian is giving less and serving less, God is being put on the shelf in our churches as a relic of the past. We are wondering where he is and why doesn’t he do something.  Funny thing—he is asking the same thing of us!


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