Be careful what you say about yourself!

Matthew 26
Apostle Peter:

  1. I am strong!  I would never deny you!  I’m the man!
  2. Can’t pray… would rather sleep—even after Jesus’ appeal for prayer partners!
  3. Cuts off the servants ear.
  4. Runs likes a rabbit.
  5. Follows at a distance.
  6. Denies knowing Jesus at all.
  7. Weeps like a baby.

Is this the average day in the life of Peter? Is this the average day for any one of us?   Peter is in and out of consolation/ desolation.
He is ‘Peter’ confident… not ‘God’ confident.
  1. Don’t boast… you don’t know what you would do.  You don’t know what you would say!
  2. Pray—pray lots.  
  3. Pray some more!
  4. Repeat the first three lessons.


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