Incremental Revelation


Jesus is 12 years old and in Jewish culture is about one year away from his Bar Mitzvah—his entrance into adult life. He and his family have gone on their annual pilgrimage to celebrate passover in Jerusalem.  I’m sure you know the story.

Mary and Joseph, when it came time to return home, left Jerusalem assuming 12 year old Jesus was with relatives or friend.  After a day of travel Mary and Joseph  thought they’d better find their son and so they started looking for him.  Well, no Jesus.  They travelled back to Jerusalem and three days later found Jesus in the temple discussing theology! The parents were giving Jesus some ‘space’ to mature and grow. When they find Jesus they are delighted but also upset.

Mary: “Why are you treating us like this?”

Jesus:  “Why are you searching for me… Didn’t you know?”

Answer nope!  Mary and Joseph had not yet received the entire revelation of who Jesus was nor did they understand his mission in life. They are receiving bits and pieces of revelation but don’t get the entire picture.

They are like you and they are like me.  Mary and Joseph are on a spiritual pilgrimage just like you and me and are receiving —what we are calling—incremental revelations.

Here are the challenges you will face on your journey:

  1. Are you in a condition to receive continual and fresh revelation? 
    • How’s your prayer life?
    • How’s your listening life with God?
    • How’s your holiness?  
    • How’s your relationship with others?

  1. Are you cognizant that you have not received entire revelation —it is always incremental ?
    • It’s okay not to know everything all the time!
    • And it’s okay others have received revelation that you haven’t

  1. In desolation, you will NOT receive revelation. (A quick definition of desolation: out of sync with the Spirit due to sin, negligence, sloth, indifference to one’s spiritual journey)

I fear the vast majority of persons are not receiving fresh revelation.  They are saved, yes, but very stuck in their journey.  How are you doing? 


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