Zonky, Sam, and the love of God

Zonky escaped—but Mr Grumpman caught him and brought him back.  Zonky was our pet turtle whom we found in the middle of the road —down the ‘Jordan Hollow’ on the way to granddad’s house.  We were actually in granddad’s car when we stopped, rescued this turtle, and took him home.  We made a pen for him around a tree in the back yard and got out some red paint and painted ‘Zonky’ on his shell.

I’m telling you about Zonky because of the deep theological truths he represents.  Zonky represents why God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden when life as humans—as we know it began.  

Simply put—if God had not put that tree in the garden, Adam should have been called Zonky.  Are you ready?  Follow me:

  1. God—rich in mercy, abundant in kindness, the true definition of love —creator and sustainer of all and everything—created man for one purpose—-LOVE.  More specifically, to be a recipient of love.  
  2. Now the very nature of love demands a response and a decision.  Love means nothing if there is
    • No option—meaning you HAVE to receive Love
    • You can’t return the love shown
  1. This is where Zonky comes in.  Zonky was a turtle—-incapable of relationship, incapable of showing appreciation for the nice lettuce we would serve him, incapable of loving us back.
  2. Recently my youngest son had to put down his dog Sam.  Now Sam was not Zonky.  When Sam heard my voice or saw me he went crazy.  We spent a lot of time together.  We hiked lots when he was younger.  I took him to Manitoulin Island with me.  We were great friends.  He was capable of relationship.  He showed appreciation and he loved me back.  My dad loved dogs…and worked hard at getting Sam to respond to him—but no way!  Sam would have none of it!  I’m not sure why, but the point is made—Sam could respond.

Adam could respond in obedience, worship, adoration and surrender to God.  But Adam chose to act independently and ate the forbidden fruit.
Adam rejected God’s love.
Adam rejected God’s presence.
He chose to chomp on a piece of fruit.  He chose not to love, honour and serve God.

If the tree had not been there… Zonky would have just wandered around the garden looking for another piece of lettuce!


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