My Rights

One of the things I sense I need to guard myself against--and I would encourage you to take personal inventory of--is entitlement.  We are an entitlement culture.  We have our 'rights'.  We are protected by the law.  This comes at us over and over again, in all sorts of ways.

So, this morning I read about Paul's rantings in 2 Corinthians 11, where he goes into a somewhat defensive mode.  I'm sure you've read this portion: ..."I have been whipped times without number...Five different times the Jewish leaders gave me thirty-nine lashes."

Wow--where is entitlement in that scenario?  How would I react if I were beaten with a rod thirty-nine times because I preach Jesus Christ?  About a month ago, I stood on our city hall steps in St Thomas and preached about Jesus--with a microphone!  No boos.  No beatings.  No challenges.  No jail time.  Nothing!  As a matter of fact--the crowd was quite civil and supportive.

Paul--we know from the Acts narrative--had a worship session after one such beating.  He wasn't signing a petition. He didn't contact a lawyer.  He didn't rant on Facebook---he worshipped.  

Is there a message here for me today?

Is there a message here for you today?

Where am I nursing my feeling of entitlement?
Where am I quick to fight--and stand up for my rights--rather than taking it on the chin for Jesus? 


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